Dog Walking

I can accommodate solo walks if your dog is nervous or group walks if they would like the company of others.

I can collect your dog from your home and take them walking for an hour and then return them home afterwards, fully exercised, happy & refreshed.  In my vehicle I have crates for travelling or if preferred I can use a seat belt buckle.  I always have water and a bowl with me when we go walking, and a few treats of course!

  • Free meet & greet
  • Fully insured
  • Water bowl refill
  • Poo bags provided for all walks
  • Towel down and dry of your dogs
  • Regular updates and feedback of your dog
  • Proper adventure days out in the wilder parts of Devon & Cornwall.
  • Dogs picked up and dropped back off at home to suit your daily routine
  • Full socialisation with other dogs and people

House Sitting

  • Fully insured sitters
  • Comfort of your own familiar home
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Photo updates

Pet Pop-Ins Services

For my pet pop-in services at Paws R Us, I cater for all types of animals. I understand that sometimes-pet owners are not at home due to work, social activities or emergencies when they would like to be able to take care of their pets. This is the reason I now have a tailor-made service for pet owners in these situations, in order to help them. This service is designed to be offered at your own residence which I pop-in to take care of your cats, dogs, hamsters, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other pets.

  • To provide food and water for your pets
  • Administration of pets medication
  • Cleaning out litter trays and cages
  • Dog walks or Cat walks if you have cats who like to walk
  • Providing comfort breaks
  • Playtime for physical and mental exercise plus refreshment
  • Bringing in the post and putting out bins for rubbish and recycling
  • Switching lights on and closing curtains at night which would deter the burglars
  • Watering plants

These pet pop-ins services are totally flexible and can be adapted to suit your personal requirements. Some people like to restrict the pet sitter’s movements to certain parts of the home, which I completely understand and adhere to. Sometimes pets have certain habits that need to be taken care of which I will gladly do.

My experience with pet sitting jobs allows me to be extremely accommodating for my customers during any pet care or Pop-in services. My goal is to keep the pet healthy, safe, and comfortable while allowing the pet owner the greatest peace of mind during and after my service is over.